Picasso Torpedo Float


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Picasso Torpedo Float

– 0.35mm PVC double camera float

– Highly durable

– Comes complete with an Alpha flag (blue/white) and 20 meters of nylon pulling cable.

This is a cheap and cheerful entry level spearfishing float perfect for those on a tight budget, low on price but high in value.

The dive float is an essential part of every spearo’s setup and its use is multipurpose.  Aside being a great device to rest on when tired, a mule to attach and carry gear on, its also a huge safety accessory.

Firstly, it allows boat users to spot you and identify a diver is in the water.

Secondly, it allows you the ability to drop your gun at any point without the risk of losing it, ie on a poorly shot fish you want to play it from the surface softly or should your spear ever get stuck in the rocks.

We recommend to never attach a gun to your body, always use a float system or take advice on when a reel is a suitable alternative.

We also sell the Picasso Mega Torpedo Float, click here to check this out.


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