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Picasso Line Winder

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For the purpose of the long distance swimmer. With this in mind, attach your kit, prop yourself up and kick in comfort and style. Β To point out, the construction material the exact same that RHIBs are made from(Rigid hull inflatable boats). It is significantly tough and reliable.

What the pictures don’t show very well is the size of this thing compared to the regular float boats you see around, its significant πŸ˜‰

  • Floats 0.7mm PVC Tarpaulin ultra resistantwith PU protection all around type waterline.
  • Swimming cushion and floor 0.7mm PVC Tarpaulinultra resistant.
  • 2 inflation valves PRO type pneumatic boat.
  • 2 shark fins for drift control
  • 2 comfort handles.
  • 1m height mast with solid base for maintain.
  • Speargun hanger system with auto blocker olives.
  • Big multi purpose room in front.
  • PVC and nylon upper skirt maintained by 9
  • D-rings with a big zipped pocket for small equipments.
  • Waterproof phone case with strapped on the upper skirt.
  • 1L water bag Type EVA with distribution tube and mouth tip, stuffed in a pocket in the upper skirt.
  • Big stainless steel D-ring for dragging and mooring
  • 2 shoulder straps type backpack
  • Dimensions : 70x114cm
  • Weight: 5 kg

Float comes with pump