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Salvimar Fibra 151 Blades


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These fibreglass fins are one of the lightest and most efficient fibreglass we have seen. However, due to this, they come with their downside.

Salvimar recommend using these fins for free diving as they are thinner and more delicate than other fibreglass on the market, and impact along rocks does hold a greater risk of damage. We would expect these are still more durable than carbon blades, especially the carbo 151 in the Salvimar range.

If you are careful, then these would be a fantastic option for spearfishing due to the efficiency and low weight of them.


The surface of the blades is rough due to a specific manufacturing process. This solution makes the surface of the blade more resitant to scratches. Moreover, some theories indicate that a specific roughness of the surface can reduce friction between an object and the fluid it is in, just as we have analyzed and explained talking about Salvimar Capture shafts.


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