Picasso Dry Bag Back Pack- 60L


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This is the Picasso dry bag / back pack.

  • 60 litre capacity
  • Tough and durable PVC
  • Padded shoulder straps and back system for longer adventures
  • Fully functioning seamless dry bag

A completely waterproof dry bag with shoulder straps and a padded back system for comfort over longer periods.

These back packs are ideal for the true spearo adventurers out there who like to explore those remote, hard to get to spots. The bag makes transporting your kit easier but comes into its own when at the spot and geared up.  Put your clothes, phone and keys in the dry bag and either hide it on safely on the shore protected from the elements or clip it to your float and take it with you.

The downside to being 100% mobile is the bag can cause a bit of extra drag in the water, maximising the air in the bag helps reduce this.  Some people have done away with their float altogether and just used the the bag to help further.

This is idea for people who prefer to hunt a stretch of coastline without having to double back over the same area where the fish have already been disturbed.