Picasso Hydro Float


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Picasso Hydro Float

New highly technical float by Picasso.

– Features a flat design to improve hydrodynamics and reinforced with an external bladder of high resistance anti-cut PVC. This makes the float highly durable.

– Stainless Steel D-Ring for pulling cable, located underneath and backed, to avoid the float sinking when pulled, making it slide much better on the surface, especially on windy days.

– Internal waterproof pocket with double Velcro on top  (prevents water entering). This can be used to carry small objects such as car keys.

– Quick elastic straps on both sides, allowing you to carry several guns and easily change them when you’re in the water.

– Elastic mesh on top, to quickly reach many useful items such as a drink.

– A total of 7 D-Rings (5 stainless steel + 2 plastic) on the bottom, to fix fish-holders, mesh bags and other accessories.

– Comes complete with an Alpha flag (Blue/White) with a 50cm high pole, for improved visibility in the water and 20 meters of pulling cable.

– Dimensions: 80 Cm x 30 Cm.