Rob Allen Sparid Railgun


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Rob Allen Aluminium Sparid Railgun

The configuration

  • Single 16mm band
  • Integrated rail for deadly accuracy
  • 6.6mm tri-cut springer steel spear (far denser than stainless steel)
  • Aviation grade aluminium barrel 1.45mm thick
  • Mechanism manufactured from glass reinforced nylon
  • Single wrapped heavy duty shooting mono – 2mm thick with 400lb breaking strain
  • Muzzle bungee with quick release clip
  • Low profile muzzle


By far our most popular gun.  The aluminium range offer unparalleled strength, durability and accuracy; these powerhouses are built to last.  To put it into perspective we still sell replacement bands to a chap that bought his aluminium railgun in 1998!

This is a big step up from the Scorpia sporting a muzzle bungee and far more importantly, the rail barrel.  The rail hugs the spear perfectly in line with the firing mechanism and the low profile muzzle resulting in an incredibly smooth firing system which is deadly accurate.  The accuracy of these guns is legendary and is what makes them the number one choice for most of the pros targeting small or ginormous specimens alike.

This configuration is perfect for the UK with the slightly thinner spear and single rubber offering slightly less drag than the upgraded Tuna versions.  However underestimate the power of the single 16mm RA band at your own peril. We have previously had a couple of people trying to return them claiming they were broken because they couldn’t load them!  Needless to say they were just use to the standard euro guns you find on the shelves nowadays.

The RA spears are famous in their own right.  Tri-cut for phenomenal penetration it has a gravity powered barb which locks open ensuring no fish can thrash off during the final fight.  This is connected to your gun via a single wrap of 400lb heavy duty mono shooting line secured by stainless steel crimps.

Make no mistake, Rob Allen is the Chuck Norris of spearguns, no corners are ever cut… ever.


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Aluminium 60 – 16mm rubber, Aluminium 70 – 16mm rubber, Aluminium 80 – 16mm rubber, Aluminium 90 – 16mm rubber


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