Sigalsub Nemesis RG Roller Speargun


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New for 2024!!

Nemesis roller gun from Sigalsub, if your looking for a light weight package with added range without the need to use a larger gun, then this is the perfect choice.

Sigalsub are an Italian company known for their high quality spearfishing equipment. The Nemesis range are widely regarded as the some of the best European style spearguns on the market.

Utilizing dipped latex rubber from Primeline in the USA and Italian Sandvik stainless steel spears these guns are a step ahead of most average railguns on the market.

The reverse trigger mechanisms are very smooth and overall the guns are very lightweight and accurate.

The new roller version builds on the existing Nemesis design by adding a roller muzzle and anchor points. The gun is fitted with a 16mm Brown Reactive roller band and 6.5mm spear for a punchy but light weight setup.

Because of the roller design recoil is mostly cancelled out resulting in more accurate shooting especially at longer range.

The spears are fitted with a Hawaiian style flopper (bottom side) and 4 low profile notch/pins to give multiple loading options.


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