Moray Explorer Backpack with Cool Pouch


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The Moray Explorer Backpack is made for those who are chasing adventure!

  • Carry all your gear on your back on the way to your dive spot
  • Do longer hikes and go off the beaten path
  • Keep your catch fresh in the chilly bin compartment
  • Carry two spearguns while keeping your hands free
  • Stuff anything into the zig-zag bungee storage at the front
  • Pack everything in tight with adjustable straps
  • Keep your phone safe in the waterproof pocket with a zip
  • Holes in the bottom drain water to remove unnecessary weight
  • Fits long freediving fins
  • Adjustable backpack straps allow for two different heights
  • Side handle for easy carrying

No matter your experience level, this is the bag for your next mission!

Dimensions: 110cm x 30cm x 30cm

Bag only. Spearguns, phone not included.

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