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Moray Explorer Backpack with Cool Pouch


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The Moray Explorer Backpack is made for those who are chasing adventure!

  • Carry all your gear on your back on the way to your dive spot
  • Do longer hikes and go off the beaten path
  • Keep your catch fresh in the chilly bin compartment
  • Carry two spearguns while keeping your hands free
  • Stuff anything into the zig-zag bungee storage at the front
  • Pack everything in tight with adjustable straps
  • Keep your phone safe in the waterproof pocket with a zip
  • Holes in the bottom drain water to remove unnecessary weight
  • Fits long freediving fins
  • Adjustable backpack straps allow for two different heights
  • Side handle for easy carrying

No matter your experience level, this is the bag for your next mission!

As with any backpack it is not recommended to carry your lead weights in the bag as well as all your dive gear as the added weight in a small area can add excess strain to the backpack straps.

Dimensions: 110cm x 30cm x 30cm

Bag only. Spearguns, phone not included.

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