Rob Allen Custom Paint for Carbon Barrels


These paint jobs are entirely customised and manufactured to desire. Due to this nature, it’ll take a few months to land.

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Rob Allen Painted Barrels

Rob Allen offers 12 different unique designs to add to your carbon barrel.

Rob Allen are able to create barrels made from 80% fibre to 20% bonding agent using a โ€œpultrusionโ€ process. This creates exceptional lightweight barrels, but also exceptionally strong barrels that arenโ€™t as brittle as other carbon barrels on the market.

Every barrel is pressure tested twice to ensure every barrel that leaves the factory is to the highest standard. No other barrel on the market is tested to the depth of 40M for 1 hour.

Each individual barrel is hand airbrushed for unparalleled detail,ย no two are alike and due to this, each barrel is custom ordered.

Blue Water Camo

Reef Camo

Green Camo

Dual Camo




Digital Green

Digital Blue

Digital Red



Just add your paint to your order via the product page.

*There could be a wait of up to 3 months for these barrels due to manufacturing and shipping time frames. We will be in contact if there are any unforeseen circumstances that lead to a delay as soon as we find out.



Blue Water Camo, Carbon Matte, Digital Blue, Digital Green, Digital Red, Dorado, Dual Camo, Green, Green Camo, Lime Snake, Reef Camo, Snake, Wahoo