Rob Allen Timberline GT Twin 16


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The Timberline guns add a wooden ballast to the carbon barrel to increase the mass of the gun. Mass improves accuracy and the wood ballast improves buoyancy.

These guns took 2 years to develop, experimenting with various prototypes of carbon and timber to find the perfect combination of strength and mass.

The guns are made to be slightly negatively buoyant once setup and use the mass of the timber to dampen the recoil and make the gun much more maneuverable in the water, this is more noticeable in the longer guns compared to aluminium or carbon guns.

Each gun is individually balanced and takes a week to manufacture, if adding a reel you will need to remove lead from the handle, please see Rob Allens YouTube explanation for more info.

  • 7.5mm spear
  • Flopper tip
  • Reel not included
  • This version doesn’t include the loading butt

Watch Rob Allen’s breakdown series of these guns here 

We only stock the most popular lengths and configurations but will add to this down the line.  If you need something that is not shown then please get in touch and we can order it in for you.


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