Salvimar Predathor Vuoto Pneumatic Speargun


Gun Rigging service- Double Wrapped Mono with muzzle bungee

A double wrap is ideal for guns fitted with twin bands as this will allow you to make the most of the extra range provided by the additional power.

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The new PREDATHOR VUOTO from Salvimar is completely SILENT! Want to improve your stealth hunting, then this Speargun is for you.

Salvimar make absolute quality items,

A 30% fibreglass loaded nylon Handle improves ergonomics and the recharge valve has been moved internally. This particular choice allows the hand to adapt perfectly to the grip, the index finger reaches the trigger easily even when using 5 or 7 mm thick neoprene gloves. The handle and the elongated butt with non-slip finish make it easy to move the speargun in water.

Line release: The helical line release in lateral position allows the line to remain perfectly adherent to the barrel, simplifying the manoeuvrability. The line preparation is simple and intuitive, the dimensions of the lever simplify the fixing of the monofilament even with thick gloves. The helical wheel that acts as a line release returns to the automatic position . (Predathor is the only speargun on the market to adopt this system).Salvimar is the first Italian company to have fitted a Vacuum Muzzle as standard on a speargun. The muzzle contains a rubber vacuum gasket to make the inner barrel of the speargun watertight.
The VACUUM muzzle with gasket allows the Predathor to have unique and superior performance compared to a traditional speargun, ease of loading (less charge pressure), better trim of the speargun in water (the air remains in the barrel instead of water) more shooting precision (the recoil is reduced because the piston pushes only the shaft) Silenced shooting (the damping bushing is more performing).
  • “Vacuum” Muzzle
  • Round aluminium barrel
  • Internal barrel ø 13mm
  • Fiberglass loaded nylon handle
  • High/Low power reducer included, 75cm, 85cm, 100cm, 115cm, 130cm
  • Automatic line release
  • Stock reel in 85cm, 100cm, 115cm and 130cm lengths
  • Pump included


40 cm 7.0 mm 350mm
55 cm 7.0 mm 512mm
65 cm 7.0 mm 662mm
75 cm 7.0 mm 870mm
85 cm 7.0 mm 970mm
100 cm 7.0 mm 1120
115 cm 8.0 mm 1300
130 cm 8.0 mm 1450

100cm, 115cm, 130cm, 40cm, 55cm, 65cm, 75cm, 85cm


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17-4PH Stainless Steel