Salvimar Hero Tomahawk Invert Roller

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Welcome to the world of the invert roller.  Looking for the maximum amount of power a speargun can generate?  Well here you are!  Maximum power and range with a roller muzzle ‘smooth’ firing system.   Not the faint of heart.

Compared to a standard ROLLER the Tomahawk system develops 35% more power thanks to the thrust provided by the 4 additional rubbers whose elongation starts when the upper rubber has reached the ideal extension constrained by the inner core.

– Aircraft grade aluminium alloy elliptical barrel
– Teflon® shaft guide
– Enlarged profile for a hydrostatic trim
– Trigger sensitive adjustment
– Chest loading pad of soft rubber
– Handle with hook for line fixing or reinforced snap hook
– New Heavy Metal 350 release mechanism (Tested load 350kg)
– Ergonomic handle with left and right butt
– Fitting for Salvimar reels
– Tomahawk propulsion system consisting of:
– Upper rubbers S400 ø 16mm with elongation controlled by inner core in Dymax line, 100% Climax® 1.4mm, tensile strength 250kg + 4 additional S400R rubbers in line ø 15mm


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