Rob Allen roller guns


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The new Rob Allen roller guns have finally landed and they are insane!

If you are looking for manoeuvrability of a short gun but the power and range of blue water gun then read on.

The 110 is the most powerful length you can make, with the same range as a 150 / 160 but with more penetration power at the outer ranges.

There is no need to go any longer.  In fact anything longer than a 110 and you get actually get decreased power effects.  A 130cm roller gun surprisingly has the same power output as the 130cm twin 16mm band version so the 110 is where its at for max power and range.

  • Ceramic disks for ultra durability
  • 7.5mm spear
  • Flopper tip

We only stock the most popular lengths and configurations but will add to this down the line.  If you need something that is not shown then please get in touch and we can order it in for you.

Reel not included


Check out the video below:










110cm Tuna Roller, 110cm carbon Blue camo, 80cm Tuna Roller, 90cm Tuna Roller, 100cm Tuna Roller, 90cm carbon Blue camo




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