Omer Yemaya womens 5mm wetsuit Trousers- Medium


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The Omer Yemaya wetsuit (5mm) is specifically designed for women. The soft and extremely comfortable neoprene material has an elastic black outer lining. The inside has an open cell neoprene.

The open cell neoprene internal lining will keep you warm while the standard outer lining provides the strength and flexibility you need whilst in the water.

One of the very useful features this wetsuit comes with is a reinforced chest pad. This sits in the middle of the jacket allowing you to reload your gun against your chest. A must have for all spearfishing enthusiasts! The knees are also padded to help prevent any abrasions to the neoprene material of the wetsuit.

Available in 5 sizes – XS, S, M, L and XL


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