Rob Allen X blade spearfishing knife


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Rob Allen spearfishing knife – The X Blade

  • Blade length 10.5cm
  • Ultra sharp on one side, serrated on the other
  • Ultra low profile blade and sheath
  • One piece steal from blade tip to handle butt
  •  Includes spear wrench

Add whetstone to keep your blade razor sharp. Simply check the box above and add this to your order.

The X blade sure is a mean looking spearfishing knife that makes you feel more of a navy seal than a spearo.  With a point for stabbing, a blade for slicing and a serrated edge for cutting, all angles are covered.  The first thing you will notice is the size; it’s far more imposing than many of its competitions.  While originally designed for the big game of warmer waters, the bigger blade comes in handy on most levels.

After 2 years of development the team settled on the strongest yet lowest profile design they could manufacture.  You can see from the pictures exactly how thin it is.  Combine this with the body hugging sheath and you’re adding zero resistance to your streamlined outline.  The other added benefit is this knife will not snag on anything like your float line or kelp etc. This is a massive concern when targeting the large fish out there.

If your spear ever becomes stuck after an unlucky shot into some rocks, then just slip the handle of the knife over the end of spear and twist.  The spear will become free with very little effort.  The spear wrench can also be used to straighten bent cluster tips in the water should you be using a hand spear.

The only think to mindful of is that like all knifes, it needs to be looked after.  You must not leave it in the sheath after dives because the seawater doesn’t drain well,meaning you would be leaving it soaking in salt water which is not good for anything.  This is the price we pay for having the most streamlined knife on the market over a chunkier plastic sheath.  It’s a small price to pay if you’re a purist looking for the best performance.


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