Epsealon Silex Titanium Green Knife


  • Silex removable blade – 14cm in black titanium
  • Epsealon logo engraving on one side
  • The blade has a cutting side and an indented side
  • Ergonomic handle bi-material «Epsealon» with overmolding SEBS
  • Delivered with two straps and a flexible sheath with double security to hold the knife.

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Epsealon Silex Titanium Green Knife

This 14cm black blade has a titanium coating with a cutting side and a serrated side.  The blade has been engraved with the Epsealon Silex logo.

The ergonomic handle is coloured green.  We also stock this knife in black.

This knife is supplied with two straps and a flexible ‘double security’ sheath.

This is a pretty big knife, probably better suited for trips abroad or crocodile Dundee fans 😉

Add whetstone to keep your blade razor sharp. Simply check the box above and add this to your order.


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