XT Diving Pro Alpha- Custom Carbon Fins

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XT Diving Pro Alpha Carbon- Blades Only

We keep the Alpha blades in stock with the Blue water rails, all other colours are available on custom order

XT Diving Pro Foot Pocket Options

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Manufacture material: The highest quality of pure carbon Fibre & Resins under special conditions.

Production: Two days work time

Blade length: 19,8cm x 78cm

Color: black (genuine colour of carbon)

Bending profile: Middle, Type 3

Angle​: 240

Warranty: 2 years
The blade warranty is dependent on the footpockets and remains in full force and effect when the
footpockets are covered by the guarantee. Expires when old, used or out of warranty footpockets are used.

While we hold a large selection of fins in stock there is an immense range due to the specialised nature of these pro fins. Should we not have your variation in stock, they should land with us in approximately 7-21 days.

Available footpocket options – C4 400, KM Dive and Pathos. Please note – you can choose the ‘Not required’ option if you only require the blades (ignore the footpocket size option if this is the case).

Footpocket fixing – you can choose to have your footpockets come separately or glued to the blades for custom order fins.



XT Diving Pro Alpha Carbon- Blades Only


Water Rail Colour

Black, White, Yellow, Red, Green, Orange, Blue


H.Hard, Hard, Medium, Medium/Hard, Medium/Soft, Soft, Super soft

XT Diving Pro Foot Pocket Options

Foot Pocket

C4 400, KM Dive, Pathos Fireblade Black

Fin Size (Euro)

36/38, 38/39, 38/40, 40/41, 40/42, 41/42, 42/43, 42/44, 43/44, 44/45, 44/46, 45/46, 46/47, 46/48, 48/50