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Epsealon Vega Fins


The sizes of the Vega fins are designed with 3mm socks in mind. So if you’re a UK size 9 (EU 43), your best size would be 43/44.

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Epsealons Vega Fins are the perfect entry level fin into British waters.

Coming in at 800g per fin (1.6kg per pair) and a length of 70cm (pocket size alters this). They’re more cost effective to purchase due to the length of them making them easier to transport and lighter in weight. From Blade angle to tip, these blades come in at 60.5cm!

As they are shorter, they’re not so efficient for deeper water or longer swims and a recommended down to 12m. Though most British spearfishing is less than 10m, these fins will suit you fantastically if you’re starting out.

Plastic Fins offer high durability, with no worry of breakage, especially around rocky reefs where composite fins, such as carbon, will be more delicate.

The Epsealon Vega offers a “monoblock” construction meaninig that the blade is inseparable from the footpocket. The advantage of this setup is that the fin lacks the usual stress and wear points of the interchangeable options. When such design is combined with an understructable technopolymere blade and TPE SEBS overmolded footpocket you achieve a fin that will practically last for ages with virtually no maintenance.


Fin Size (Euro)

41/42, 43/44, 45/46, 47/48



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