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Cressi Gara Turbo Boost Fins Black


Every pair of fins comes with a set of Cressi Insoles


The Gara Turbo Boost fin, an evolution of the existing Gara Turbo Impulse design, exploits a revolutionary S-shaped wave deformation technology.

This movement allows considerable elastic potential energy to be stored in the blade, which is released in the return of thrust.

This fin is incredibly light, reducing fatigue without compromising performance, utilizing the light weight Gara pocket with short rails means that the blade has less restriction and can therefore flex more and produce a better return on the energy used in each fin stroke.

Extremely thin and light blade made of elastomerized technopolymers developed by Cressi
โ€ข Stringer consisting of technopolymers with elastomeric loads with high flexural modulus
โ€ข Footpocket / blade angle of 29 degrees
โ€ข Modular detachable fin
โ€ข Superior performance
โ€ข Superior comfort
โ€ข Self adjusting foot pocket sized barefoot

Every pair of fins comes with a set of Cressi Insoles





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