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Meandros S-PRO Prime Camo Marseille Weight Belt


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Marseille type weight belt, 4.0mm thick.Β Ideal for freediving and spearfishing and suitable for all weights we stock.

Made of highly durable synthetic rubber with high slip resistance.

A great feature of this particular belt is the additional reinforcement around the pin holes. As this is where the pressure is applied when securing the weight belt this highly reduces the chances of tearing or wear over time and makes that area of the belt more rigid and secure.

The superior properties of the material provide excellent elasticity, great comfort in deep inhalation and exhalation while at the same time it offers high tensile strength even in weak spots.

Resistance to wear, aging and rot caused by solvents, seawater, exposure to sunlight and temperatures exposed during transportation and storage.

Incomparably superior to other similar synthetic belts.

Recommended use up 8 kg.

Available in 6 colours – currently we have the blue and yellow/black variants in stock


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