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Spearfishing UK Lobster Gauge


Designed to measure the minimum size of crustaceans and Scallops

A handy measuring gauge for Lobsters, Crabs and Scallops made locally from 3D printed plastic.

Based off the Cornwall IFCA min sizes for Lobster, Crawfish, Spider Crab, Edible Crab and King Scallop.

Want one in a specific colour we dont have? let us know and we will get one ordered for you.

Perfect addition to your diving or foraging kit with two easy loops to attach to your belt, float or catch bag.

M = Male Edible/Brown Crab 160mm

F = Female Edible/Brown Crab 150mm

SP = Spider Crab 130mm

Scallop = 100mm

European/Common Lobster 90mm Carapace

Crawfish/Spiny Lobster 110mm Carapace



Blue, Red, White, Yellow