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DiveR RED Innegra Spearfishing Blades


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The DiveR Composite Fibreglass blades are the world’s most advanced composite diving fin blade. Derived from a lifetime of passion with the world of spearfishing and freediving, the developer of DiveR fins is Ray Powell – a commercial freediver and spearfishing champion.

The DiveR Composite freediving/spearfishing blades are made in Australia. They are manufactured using the hardest and toughest state of the art designer epoxy resin system. The DiveR Composite fins are handmade employing the finest quality and attention to detail. They are durable and tough which makes them suitable for very demanding conditions. The blades can be used by casual divers and even high performance athletes.

The customised hybrid epoxy resin system, twinned with state of the art design and aerospace grade fabric are combined to create a fin that transfers load to the larger muscle groups – instead of focusing on any one specific location. This is possible by enabling the fin to progressively flex from heel to the toe. The base of the blade has an ergonomic angle which aids streamlining. This makes both deep diving and surface swimming a breeze.

Because DiveR produces nothing but the highest quality of equipment, many commercial divers are into their 7th year of using the same pair of blades.


Composite fins are made from a fibreglass cloth moulded using epoxy into the some of the highest grade fins in the world! Fibreglass is exceptionally durable, with fantastic efficiency!


Carbon fins are made using a carbon weave. These are more efficient than fibreglass and miles better than plastics! However the nature of carbon is quite brittle and more prone to damage and breaking than fibreglass. With modern advances, Carbons are still quite difficult to break but extra care will be required.


DiveR’s top fins are made from an innegra and carbon mix. The Innegra weave interlaced with the carbon reinforces the structure and massively improves the durability of these blades making them near bomb proof!

“We were looking for a new flagship fin that generated the most power with the least amount of effort. We partnered up with TeXtreme® engineers to find the right solution both in carbon fibre and resin system to achieve our goals, and now we’re excited to present our TeXtreme® Innegra™ fin that’s an ultra-light fin that can deform far more than previous carbon/aramid fins without failing. We’re given outstanding results when using TeXtreme® Technology in our fins and are continuing to work closely with the TeXtreme® team in developing materials that add both toughness and mechanical advantage to the end product” says Ray Powell, founder of DiveR Australia.

TeXtreme® technology is based on using Spread Tows rather than traditional round tows to create ultra-light weight, high-performance products. Companies who utilise the TeXtreme® Technology achieve significantly higher results in minimising weight while increasing rigidity and strength when compared to other carbon fibre materials.

Due to the use of TeXtreme® Innegra™ hybrid fabric, DiveR are able to maximise the weight savings with the thin ply advantages of TeXtreme® Technology and combine it with the hydrophobic and ductile properties of Innegra™. This creates the most advanced fin ever made.

TeXtreme® technology are able to utilise the benefits of thin ply principles where research studies have shown the maximum strength until breakage is more than twice as high when compared with conventional carbon fibre fabrics.

TeXtreme® is used in Formula 1, America’s Cup, NASCAR and Le Mans racing, and even bicycles, golf clubs, surfboards, tennis rackets, table tennis blades, rowing shells, skis, snowboards and ice hockey sticks. In addition, various industrial and advanced aerospace applications also take advantage of this unique technology.

Every pair of DiveR blades comes with a 3 year warranty.

***Blades only***

Why not add Picasso Fin Savers to your order and never lose a fin in the white water by an ill-timed wave.
Also ensures all the energy is passed from the foot and transferred down the blade.



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