Picasso Master Bag


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85cm in length

Made from thick PVC for extra strength and durability

Twin carrying straps

A spearo kit bag is something you don’t realise you need until you get one.  Like everyone else we use to use those flexible builders buckets for moving everything from the car to storage and vice versa.  The kit bag just makes things easier, faster with less seas water and sand getting everywhere.  This spearfishing bag is priced ultra competitively to allow people to try out a good quality example without breaking the bank.

Made from tough PVC this bag is long enough for your fins and all your smelly kit.  With twin, sturdy unpadded shoulder straps that will undoubtedly leave a nice raw section on your shoulders if used over long distances when weighted : )

If you are planning to trek to remoter spots with your gear then check out Picasso’s dry bag – back pack


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