Freediving holidays

Exploring a ship wreck

Freediving holidays are an incredible opportunity to use your freediving skills in a whole new environment, and take freediving courses in warm blue water.

Go Freediving has been taking freedivers and spearfishers abroad since 2004 all over the globe. Their freediving holidays have taken people to the Maldives, the UAE, Oman, the Bahamas, Greece, Malta, the Red Sea and the Farne Islands to name but a few.

Freediving holidays with Go Freediving are a unique experience, as not only do you get to freedive in some of the most amazing locations on the planet, but you also get the added value of twice daily yoga, breathing, and yoga nidra sessions, designed to make your body and mind feel incredible.

You also get the chance to get up close and personal with some of the most intelligent and amazing marine mammals. Whether you want to dive with dolphins, seals, manta rays, whale sharks, or check out reef fish, freediving holidays are the best place to do this. And on the Farne islands trip you can also spearfish! Their last one included a lobster supper…

One of the most popular freediving holidays that we recommend with Go Freediving is their Red Sea liveaboard holiday. On this trip you get to spend a week aboard a boat, cruising the best reef and wreck sites in the Red Sea. And being on board means more diving with less people around. The day starts with the sunrise on the top deck with breathing exercises, diaphragm stretches and yoga designed to get the body ready for the days diving ahead.

The main part of the day is all about the diving, taking you to explore incredible dive sites, as well as line diving for training and skills if you are taking a course on your freediving holidays.

Here are some of the sites you could be diving

Marsa Bareika

A large enclosed bay with a gently sloping sandy bottom, perfect for dynamic apnea skills, which then deepens into a stunning coral garen and down to forty plus metres depth. There is also a resident large bottlenose dolphin who cruises up and down the bay, nicknamed ‘the old man’

Gordon Reef

Part of a reef system up the east Sinai peninsula, also comprising Jackson and Thomas reef, with a large wreck above the water and pretty coral gardens, swim throughs and reef fish

Dolphin Alley

The name says it all! A popular spot for dolphins who like to come and play when they see freedivers. It’s also a great place to practice line diving, and has a series of outcrops and pinnacles.

The Barge

The Barge is the remains of an old cement barge, sunk on a slope between 5 and 12 metres deep. As well as an interesting structure to explore, the barge is a haven for an incredible array of diverse wildlife, including ‘George’, the largest moray eel you will have ever seen. It’s also a popular spot for rays and dolphins and has an attached lagoon with incredible coral trees.

The Thistlegorm

One of the most famous wrecks in the world and the highlight of freediving holidays with Go Freediving. The Thistlegorm was sunk in World War Two and sits squarely on the bottom of the sea with large parts intact. The captain’s cabin is at 10 metres and the ship goes down to the seabed at 30 metres. It is just the most incredible place to freedive, with the anchor and anchor chain still intact, the gun placements, and cars and motorbikes inside. It’s festooned with life, including crocodile fish and batfish and is also popular with dolphins.

The Dunraven

Another wreck from the Second World War, this wreck is close to The Thistlegorm and has an amazing propeller at the back still intact. It is also home to schools of glassfish.

BBC Pinnacle

This tiny coral pinnacle was filmed extensively for the BBC series ‘The Blue Planet’ as it is incredibly beautiful and teeming with life. It’s perfect for complete beginners as the top is just below the surface and the bottom at about seven metres and is a stunning dive site

Stingray Station and Small Crack

Part of the same system of pinnacles as the BBC pinnacle known collectively as ‘The Alternatives’, Stingray Station and Small Crack have stingrays, swim throughs, and a huge variety of things to see under the water

Shaab Ali

A large shallow lagoon, home to pods of dolphins which will often stop to play with freedivers

Shark Reef

The tip of Ras Mohammed, Shark Reef is one of the best places to spot big pelagic fish as they cruise by, as well as having a stunning wall to dive down.

Whatever trip you chose to go on, going on freediving holidays with Go Freediving is always a life changing experience. Find out more and book your holiday now by clicking here