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Rob Allen carbon spearfishing fins review

Nobody is more brutal with their spearfishing fins than I am, fact. A quick check of the shattered carbon in the garage reveals that I have written off no less than six pairs of carbon fins (OMER, Leaderfin, C4) over the last five years and two pairs of fiberglass (OMER) fins. So, who better to test out our brand new Rob Allen carbon fins? I tend to dive deep in strong currents, which places a huge strain on the kit, so I am naturally perfect to review these fins – here are my findings:

Rob Allen Spearfishing fins review:

I wore the fins in the conditions of Portland Race, they proved comfortable and powerful. Diving in currents of up to 12 knots and to depths of up to 24m – this was a real test for them.

I found that the fins perform extremely well both for deep diving and surface swimming. The footpocket/blade interface is well designed, and the ‘two screw’ design which leads to a natural ‘snap line’ on carbon blades has been done away with.

rob allen carbon spearfishing fins reviewAs I suspected after looking at the build quality, these really are Titus-proof fins! It’s worth pointing out here that my Carbon LeaderFins lasted less than one day in the conditions of the race previously.

Final word:

All the spearfishing gear we sell has to be proven, durable and bulletproof in the most demanding conditions – I think these Rob Allen spearfishing fins certainly fit the bill. Overall, the build quality of these fins is as high as we expected, with performance to match. These will be a product we will keep in stock for you in the future.

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