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British Spearfishing Association (BSA)

bsaThe British spearfishing association is the official body of spearfishing in the UK.  It’s a non-profit orientated group dedicated to representing the best interests of the sport.  They have multiple objectives including raising the awareness of the sport, the safety of it and also the facilitation of competitions.They also train and push the British spearfishing team as they represent us across the world.

If you want to get into the sport competitively or represent your country then you need to be talking to these guys.  You will need to prove your worth in the 5 or 6 competitions that happen each year and then hope to make selection for the squad.

While the standard is very high, I know the BSA are currently looking for the next wave of spearo’s destined to represent our country so get in touch and start training with the seasoned veterans.

To join the BSA it costs just £25 and has a whole host of benefits from insurance, spearfishing competitions and a digital magazine of the UK spearfishing scene.

If you want to take part in any competitions you must join the BSA.

Click here for more information: British Spearfishing Association

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