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SigalSub Action Camera Mounts (Staffa)


You will need the Slider Adapter to mount to your speargun, these can be found:

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SigalSub camera mounts will slide into any of their adapters that will mount onto various brands.

The aluminium, inox and carbon mounts come in 2 different lengths, 40mm and 80mm.

Aluminium comes in black

Inox is silver

and Carbon is made from carbon and epoxy resin making it lighter

The Twist mount allows you to twist your camera upside down allowing for easier and quicker load up of your rubber bands. This is 40mm in length.



Aluminium, Carbon, Inox




Inox 80, Inox 40, Aluminium 80, Aluminium 40, Carbon 40, Carbon 80, Twist Aluminium 40