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Sigalsub Nemesis HT Inverted Roller Speargun


Gun Rigging service- Double Wrapped Mono with muzzle bungee

A double wrap is ideal for guns fitted with twin bands as this will allow you to make the most of the extra range provided by the additional power.

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Launched in 2024, the Sigalsub Nemesis HT, acronym for High Technology, won the Best Choice in its category, starting from the excellent base of the Nemesis

Nemesis inverted roller gun from Sigalsub,

Sigalsub are an Italian company known for their high quality spearfishing equipment. The Nemesis range are widely regarded as the some of the best European style spearguns on the market.

Utilizing dipped latex rubber from Primeline in the USA and Italian Sandvik stainless steel spears these guns are a step ahead of most average railguns on the market.

The reverse trigger mechanisms are very smooth and overall the guns are very lightweight and accurate.

The new invert roller version builds on the existing Nemesis design by adding a invert roller muzzle and anchor points. The gun is fitted with a 16mm small bore Extreme Purple Progressive roller band and 6.5mm spear for a smooth and light weight setup.

The small bore 16mm rubber gives you the power of a standard 17,5mm rubber but in a lower form factor to reduce drag, ideal for an invert roller with the bands sat under the barrel. Because the invert roller only loads the dyneema line on the top, this means your line of sight is very clear and all the work of the bands is happening below the barrel utilizing the pulley system.

Because of the roller design recoil is mostly cancelled out resulting in more accurate shooting especially at longer range.

The spears are fitted with a Hawaiian style flopper (bottom side) and 4 low profile fins to give multiple loading options.

There are two pairs of 16 mm diameter bands for the 76 cm aluminium version, while the carbon fiber has one pair of 16 mm and one pair pre-tensioned 17.5 mm diameter. The 82 cm version has been tuned with one pair of 16 mm and one pretensioned of 17.5 mm pairs of elastic bands on the aluminium version and two pairs of 17.5 mm elastic bands for the carbon fiber barrel solution. Moving to the 92 cm and longer versions, the pairs of rubber bands become three, one pretensioned an two to be connected under the handle. On the aluminium versions all the elastic bands are 16 mm of diameter. On the carbon fiber barrel solutions, the pretensioned pair of rubber bands is 17.5 mm diameter, while the two other pairs are 16 mm.

What is an invert roller?

One way to think of it is as a double roller, however using a pulley system to charge the different bands it keeps all the rubber below the gun meaning the dyneema line used to load the gun sits on top of the barrel. This has a few advantages, the first is less drag meaning your shooting is quicker, the second is a clear line of sight, thirdly this provides much more range and power in a smaller package without the need for a longer or heavier gun with 3 or 4 bands.

“The propulsion system consists of two pairs of 16 mm Sigalsub Extreme straight elastic bands that hook onto the lower part of the handle that Sigalsub had designed on the Nemesis precisely considering the possible evolutions in the Roller and “Inverter” versions. A third pair of Sigalsub Extreme 16 mm elastic bands is connected to the side of the barrel, right in front of the handle thanks to two small “mushrooms”. The latter are extremely well-kept, with the radiated base that blends perfectly with the profile of the Nemesis stem. The three pairs of elastic bands are then connected to two pulleys, one on each side, which in turn are connected to two lines that reach the rollers on the muzzle and then close like a fork.

The head is one of the standout works of art of the Sigalsub Nemesis HT. Its design allows for an extremely low weight and a compact shape. It is made of glass-filled nylon, but the percentage is not too high to maintain the smoothness of the surface of the material and thus allow a good sliding of the elastics and lines.

The structure of the header is fantastic. It has a rigid and resistant part on the upper surface and near the holes where the line passes. This gives the muzzle extraordinary strength. At the same time, the 8 mm diameter steel central axis on which the two rollers rotate gives great transverse rigidity. The remaining parts of the glass-filled nylon muzzle are thin enough to reduce weight and elastic enough to bend but not break.

Sigalsub worked hard to choose the best rollers that could give great performance with an excellent weight reduction. The rollers are made of polyoxymethylene (POM). POM, also known as acetal, polyacetal, and polyformaldehyde, is a technical thermoplastic material used in precision parts that require high rigiditylow friction, and excellent dimensional stability. The central axis positioned between the steel axle and the roller is also made of POM. This element is expertly designed with 5 tenths of a mm more than the roller, so that the latter is always free to rotate without friction on the side walls of the head.

The pulleys are made in Sigalsub, which means Made in Italy. They are designed specifically for the needs of this fantastic new speargun. The pulleys consist of two steel plates connected to two axles of the same material. On one of the two axes, on the handle side, the three pairs of elastic bands are connected. On the other is mounted a POM roller, on which the line passes up to the muzzle. The steel axles can be disassembled with an Allen screw. The positioning of the pulleys is done correctly by passing the slots of the elastic lines in a precise way so that the pulleys are parallel to the barrel and do not rub on it, thus avoiding scratching it.

The loading of an “Inverter” speargun is obviously more complicated than traditional single or double elastic guns, but obviously the power released is extremely greater. The loading action begins with the two pairs of rubber bands detached from the bottom of the handle. Without the need for a loader, the angler can easily grab the loop connected to the wishbone and pull it all the way down the shaft, hooking the wishbone to the fin of his choice. Then you can turn the Sigalsub Nemesis HT upside down and attach a first pair of rubber bands. In the final version of the Nemesis HT, the first pair to be hooked is the one with the black line. The last pair of elastic bands has a white line to hook under the handle (just above the reel)”

Sigalsub Nemesis HT: the Winner


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