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Gun Rigging service- Single Wrapped Mono with bungee

Add this option if you would like us to rig your gun with a single wrap of mono! We'll include a muzzle bungee to make loading the mono onto the line release and prolong the life of the shooting line.

Crabb SpearSling - Blue

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Gun Rigging service- Double Wrapped Mono with muzzle bungee

A double wrap is ideal for guns fitted with twin bands as this will allow you to make the most of the extra range provided by the additional power.

Salvimar Staffa Inox Action Cam 2- Universal Mount

Salvimar Staffa Inox Camera bracket- Black

Salvimar Carbostand bracket - Universal Camera Mount

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According to ApneaPassion Magazine, this gun is labelled a “Masterpiece”, and for the price, we agree.

This speargun is exceptionally lightweight in the water but manoeuvrability at the forefront. The twin 14’s though made by extruded rubber are powerful enough for penetrating any fish in the U.K. and nice and easy to load up.

  • R.F.S.C (Rolling, Friction, Self-Centring)release mechanism
  • Self-centring release system with rolling friction
  • Shaft with line-of-sight collimation system
  • Adjustable trigger M.I.M Technology
  • Anodised barrel with elliptical section and external stiffening ribs
  • Perfect hydrostatic balance with 6.5 mm shaft supplied as standard
  • Compatible with all Salvimar reels
  • Compatible with all Salvimar shafts
  • Muzzle with separate holes for 14/16 mm bands
  • Perfect shaft-bands alignment
  • Increased sideline passage to facilitate the fixing of the shaft
  • Integrated spear guide
  • Customizable sideline release right left
  • Fixing ring under the stainless-steel handle 4mm thick
  • Shaft length calculated to avoid the O-ring for closing the wing
  • Rear sight for easy aiming

Salvimar Ares… Masterpiece


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