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Rob Allen Cobia Beginners Speargun


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  • Single 16mm band
  • 6.6mm tri-cutcarbon steel spear (Higher tensile strength and far denser than stainless steel)
  • Aviation grade aluminum barrel 1mm thick
  • Mechanism manufactured from glass reinforced nylon
  • Single wrapped heavy duty shooting mono โ€“ 2mm thick with 400lb breaking strain

The COBIA is Rob Allenโ€™s entry level speargun aimed at the beginners looking to get top quality gear without having to rob a bank.

Powered by the same 16mm bands as the top of range models, the COBIA packs one hell of a punch.

Unlike most of its competitors in the entry level bracket, it is made from aviation grade aluminum and not plastic which means itโ€™s incredibly rugged and durable. This makes it an ideal gun for shore divers as it eats up the sometimes unforgiving conditions and continues to perform season after season.

Furthermore it is made up of the same internal workings as the rest of Rob Allen fleet meaning no corners were cut with this seriously powerful and hardened gun.

This speargun is popular with surfers, anglers and most other newcomers who donโ€™t want to compromise on quality. The shorter lengths make excellent backup guns for cave and hole hunting as they are extremely powerful yet affordable.

This model is available in lengths from 50cm to 110cm, is powered by a single 16mm band and fires a 6.6mm tri-cut spear for deeper penetration.

If you are looking for a beginner speargun then the RA COBIA should be at the top of your list.

* Formally known as the Scorpia. *

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