Pathos Railed Saragos Carbon


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Gun Rigging service- Single Wrapped Mono with bungee

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The Saragos carbon speargun is lightweight and powerful with excellent manoeuvrability due to its hydrodynamic shape. The open muzzle and single socket design  contribute to its hydrodynamic performance and  provides excellent line of sight to your target, combined with the dyneema wishbones and a long sharkfin shaft the accuracy of this speargun is excellent.

The handle is an ergonomically designed D’Angelo II with a stainless steel reverse trigger mechanism allowing 7cm more loading length than most other trigger mechanisms.


The Saragos Carbon comes fitted with:

  • Pure carbon 30mm diameter x 2mm thickness barrel
  • 2x16mm circular amber bands
  • Removeable bridle dyneema wishbones
  • 6.5mm Sandvik shark-fin shaft with a single Tahitian style flopper and tri-cut tip
  • Reel base compatible with all Pathos reels
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