Pathos Carbon Speargun



Pathos Carbon Speargun – 82cm

  • Designed both for entry level and experienced spearos, the Pathos Carbon is a lightweight and powerful carbon railgun. It’s compact, minimal, hydrodynamic and very manoeuvrable.
  • It comes with a 6.5mm Sandvik notched shaft with a single barb and a tri-cut point.
  • Carbon barrel – low profile carbon rail minimises friction.
  • Closed muzzle for screw-on rubber bands with a socket for an additional band. Handle D’Angelo I
  • Low profile D’Angello I handle with a reverse trigger mechanism that adds an extra 7cm of arming length.
  • Ergonomic design, removable loading pad, reel base.
  • 19.0mm black over amber band with plastic threads for extreme power.
  • Articulate wishbone (metal)

Quick Specs

  • Closed muzzle
  • Single band – can be upgraded to two bands
  • Tube length: 82cm
  • Shaft type: Notched
  • Shaft length: 120cm
  • Shaft diameter:  6.5mm
  • Handle type: D’Angello I
  • Rubber diameter: 19mm
  • Rubber length: 24cm


Material (spearguns)



No. of bands