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The Kingsman 1300M speargun is a one of a kind premium product that you will want to keep for a lifetime and not just for a few seasons and is 100% at the premium edge of the market. Kingsman guns are renowned for their accuracy that is only rivalled by their beauty!

The Kingsman 1300M is a mid handle speargun made up of 3 vertical laminates of rosewood. Its pregnancy combines a single laminate of unidirectional carbon fibre and an additional rosewood laminate. It also utilises a Euro mech and spear.

A mid handle speargun like this is has a few significant advantages over the tradition European rare style.ย  The gun feels a lot shorter in the hand than a rare handled gun of the same length.ย  So you the get bigger gun power, range and accuracy, yet it handles like something much shorter.

As the handle is shifted forward, you will find you can track much easier from side to side.ย  You can even use the stock as leverage when tracking to speed up the process in a time pressured situation.

Please note that this speargun is ‘naked’ and comes with no spear or bands.
We work with our customers directly after purchase to configure the perfect setup in relation to spear length, thickness and number of bands requiredย (at additional cost).

Please contact us for more information and to customise your desired speargun.

Due to the customisation of this gun, delivery will take between 7-28 days. Please also contact us for an accurate time quote.

Technical specifications

Band stretch – 1,300
Weight – Approx. 1.95 kg
Bands – 1-2 (recommended)
Spear – Euro 7 – 7.5mm (recommended)
Ballast – Internal
Handle – Houge soft overmoulded speargun grip

This gun does not come rigged from the manufacturer. We can rig it for you at a small charge to cover the time it takes. We will also upgrade to high quality Rob Allen 2mm mono and crimps with a single wrap.

A muzzle bungee is not provided by the manufacturer of this gun, but we feel itโ€™s an essential upgrade if you want to avoid stressing when rigging your gun in the water after a shot. The bungee allows you to quickly pop your shooting line on the line release ready for your next shot. Without a bungee this can be a very fiddly and annoying job – especially with gloves on.



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