Aimrite Venom 2.0 Railgun


The 2.0 is Aimrite’s redesign of the Venom Railgun!

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Aimrite have increased the buoyancy within the barrel so that they can increase the overall mass than previous. This has created a railgun that has pinpoint accuracy whilst feeling light as a feather in the water! The new trigger mechanism is reversed for a greater band stretch and more increased power output. With this in mind, Aimrite have used a 7mm South African Spring Steel spear would be the most suitable for its high tensile strength and durability. Each gun is assembled and tested with all precision engineered Aimrite equipment to make world class spearguns.

  • Twin 16mm USA Latex bands
  • Anodised Aluminium tube with new deep track and 25.6mm ID for added buoyancy
  • New Reverse Roller Trigger Mechanism – 100% Australian made!
  • South African Spring Steel Spear 7mm
  • 350kg Silicone Bungee
  • Lifetime Warranty!

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