Aimrite Genesis Rollergun

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  • Handle type:¬† Ergonomic rubberised
  • Shaft: 7mm
  • Rubber diameter: 14mm USA latex band
  • Mono: 1.8mm
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Aimrite Genesis Aluminium Railgun

This is Aimrites “entry level” speargun, but don’t be fooled into believing this gun is entry level, it holds itself up!¬†Although it’s affordable, it is not lacking in features. This speargun is the ideal choice for any spearo on a budget or for those just getting into the sport.

The standard Railgun packs a punch using a single 16mm band, coupled with a 7mm Spring Steel spear and a reverse trigger mechanism, this speargun has great penetration power.

Aimrite have made the Genesis comfortable and easy to use with an ergonomic handle and a muzzle that is easily converted from closed to open.


  • Ergonomic rubberised handle with safety (red, green, possibly a pink version also)
  • Stainless Reverse Mechanism with line release
  • Double Closed and Open Muzzle option with the removal of a pin
  • 26mm ID barrel for better floatation (most models float horizontal with a Genesis reel)
  • Sizes 60-120cm
  • Single 16mm Euro Rubber with Dyneema bridle/ Rollerguns have 14mm USA latex bands
  • 7mm Stainless shaft (flopper will be under the shaft on the main shipment)
  • 1.8mm Mono
  • Silicone bungee

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