Epsealon 3mm Wetsuit Jacket Green Fusion


  • Neoprene Yamamoto® 039.
  • Spandex polyester camo 019 outer / open cell interior.
  • Ergonomic and preformed cut legs and arms.
  • SCS sleeves to the wrists and hood.
  • 5mm neoprene loading pad with PowerTex cover.
  • Beaver tail and bottom jacket braided and lined both sides.
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Epsealon Fusion Green wetsuit jacket (3mm thickness)

Epsealon created their Fusion wetsuit jacket from Yamamoto 39 neoprene, a specially engineered rubber that doesn’t compromise on warmth, durability or flexibility.  This premium material is particularly well suited to free-diving and spearfishing.

The jacket’s open cell interior creates additional warmth, as thousands of trapped air bubbles form between the suit and your body.

The design is ergonomic with pre-formed cut arms.  It also features SCS sleeves to the wrists and face.

The jacket’s 5mm thick PowerTex-hardened loading pad means loading your speargun is easier and less painful.

The jacket’s 3mm thickness makes it ideal for temperatures between 16-24 C.

Note:  we sell this jacket in different thicknesses.  We also sell the matching pants.

For sizing information, please see the attached image.  If you need help choosing a size, speak with our team.  They’re happy to advise.

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