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Octacle Seaweed Wetsuit Lube – REFILL


*refill of Octacle branded tubs IN STORE only*

2 teaspoons (approx. 5g) makes 1 Liter of lubrication

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We can now REFILL your tubs!

*refill of Octacle branded tubs only*

We stock the most sustainable and eco friendly wetsuit lubrication on the market. Octacle is made from seaweed, with a hint off aloe vera to moisturise the skin, and that’s it!

Its made from sustainably grown seaweed and Aloe Vera! A lot of products contain or are made with petrochemical by products, although it is not damaging to the environment when used, it is made from petroleum, which is damaging to extract.

Seaweed is fast growing, requires no fertilizers or watering, its a natural ocean filter and is the biggest carbon sequester, and oxygen creator on the planet. Up to 90% of photosynthetic life is in our ocean!


Add 2 teaspoons of Octacle- Suit Lube to 1 litre cold water in a 1.5 litre bottle. Shake immediately for 10 seconds. Pour into wetsuit and Get it On!

Want it Hot- Mix with ‘less’ cold water first, then add hot water.

Any excess once mixed may be stored in the fridge.  Use within 2-3 days.

Store tin in a cool dry place

If lumps do occur, they aren’t harmful, and will dissipate. (Shake harder next time and make sure you have agitation space in the bottle for a decent shake)

Why you should never use detergent to get into your wetsuit (octacle.co.nz)