Epsealon Fang Sea Knife – Inox or Teflon Coating


  • Blade available in Inox or Teflon coating
  • Made from marine quality stainless steel
  • Rockwell Scale Rating:  52-54 HRC
  • Handle covered with a 3mm cord
  • Supplied with a soft nylon sheath
  • Supplied with stretch nylon straps with plastic buckles
  • Total length of the knife: 21.5 cm
  • Blade length: 10.5 cm
  • Blade width: 23 mm
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Epsealon Fang Sea Knife with Inox or Teflon Coating

Epsealon crafted this spearfishing knife from marine quality stainless steel.  You can choose from either Inox or Teflon coatings.  Inox is a coating that offers corrosion protection, while Teflon has brilliant anti-rust properties.

If you’re not sure which coating you’d prefer, contact our team today.  We’d be happy to discuss your purchase.

The Fang Sea Knives are rated 52-54 HRC on the Hardness Rockwell ‘C’ scale.   This is a 100-year-old scale that scores the strength of the blade after rigorous testing.  A 52-54 rating is what’s known as a ‘softer steel’; this type of steel is able to take a lot of brute force and therefore less likely to break or chip.  This type of stainless steel is most often used for hard impact blades, such as large knives, throwing knives, axes and machetes.  It is a good quality stainless steel that may require occasional sharpening.

The Fang knife features a serrated blade and a handle covered with a 3mm cord.  It comes with a soft nylon sheath and a set of stretch nylon straps with buckles.

The knife is 21.5cm long in total.  The blade is 10.5cm long and 2.3cm wide.


Blade Variation

Inox Coated, Teflon Coated