Riffe Blue Water Bungee Float Line Assembly


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The Riffe blue water bungee float fine assembly stretches 2 and a half times its length.

The 680lb (308kg) test Nylon line core is triple the length of the bungee. Once a fish is speared the line will stretch as the fish fights. This causes more and more drag. This will allow resistance which effectively fights the fish without causing too much pressure – which may tear fish with soft flesh.

During blue water hunting for larger pelagic fish, a bungee float line is a must.

The Riffe Blue Water Bungee float line is made from the highest grade of material.

Technical specifications

  • Includes stainless steel parts – (2) Quick Clips, (2) Shackles, (2) Swivels – black only
  • Available lengths – 25ft (7.6m) B-4030, 50ft (15.2m) B-4035, 75ft (22.9m) B-4040, 100ft (30.5m) B-4045
  • Use separately or a vinyl/bungee combination
  • Blue Water Bungee Float Lines are not for use around sharp surfaces


25', 50', 75', 100'