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Riffe Vinyl Float Line Assembly – blue or orange


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A float line allows you to shoot at any depth and let go of your gear for a free ascent to the surface. The Riffe Vinyl Float Line is the most versatile of securing systems. The Vinyl float line can be used with or without buoys and in almost any dive situation.

With your speargun and shaft, or even just the shaft with a break away rig, attached to a float line and then to a buoy on the surface, you can fight fish from the surface.

Includes stainless steel parts โ€“ (2) Quick Clips, (2) Shackles, (2) Swivels.

Available lengths โ€“ 25ft, 50ft, 75ft and 100ft

  • Vinyl floatline with a 680 lb (308kg) test Nylon core

**The Black Float lines have been discontinued**




25', 50', 75', 100'


Black, Blue, Orange