Pathos Fireblade Foot Pockets – Blue


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The legendary Pathos Fireblade foot pocket!

Pathos foot pockets are arguable the best foot pockets in the market today.  Not only are they light weight but they are also one of the most comfortable pockets on the market.

Installation is easy and effortless, all you have to do is apply some glue in the tendon channel and slide the blade in.  Made in their factory in Greece with injection rubber machines.  3 kinds of natural rubber is used to make different the hardness at different points.

The rails are very thin to make the blade work at 100%


A pair of high quality Pathos Fireblade foot pockets, made from three different compounds of vulcanized rubber.

Designed specifically for spearfishing these foot pockets are exceptionally durable, comfortable and lightweight (only 370 gr).

Featuring U shaped ultra thin rails which allows optimal energy transfer and power while maintaining minimal foot pocket weight.

Compatible with most available blades on the market.


36-38, 38-40, 40-42, 42-44, 44-46, 46-48, 48-50