Cressi Gara Modular Turbo Foot Pockets


Cressi Gara Modular Fixing Set

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The Cressi Gara Turbo foot pocket is a detachable pocket designed for the Gara range of fins but is commonly fitted to other fins thanks to its generally universal shape.

Utilizing short ribs makes these pockets very lightweight and great for using on higher performance fiber or carbon fins. Because of the short ribs they do not cause extra stiffness on the blade helping to increase the blade flex and performance.

The foot pocket is made with two materials and features the self-adjusting system already seen on the gara modular. It is assembled using the same interface, with two screws and plastic plates. The novelty is that the tips of the rails are over-moulded with a third, highly reactive material in the form of two clips. This new clasp permits easy and secure assembly. Should it be necessary to change a blade, all that is needed is a slight twist on the tips to release the retaining teeth and free the blade



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