Leaderfins Black Camo Spearfishing Fins

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Leaderfins Black Camo blades

-Black Ribs
-20 degree angle
-Standard Small Logo

Leaderfins Forza Black Foot Pockets with Assembly Kit

If you'd like us to make the blades into fins, please choose a pocket size

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Technical specifications

  • Blade is made of high quality mixture of epoxy resin and fiberglass
  • Blade colour – black camouflage
  • Comfortable foot pockets from soft rubber (foot sizes from 31 to 50)
  • Fins dimensions with foot pockets size 43-44 ~ 95 cm long x 20 cm wide
  • Blade angle ~ 20 degrees
  • Rubber rails attached to the blade provide maximum efficiency in water flow redirection
  • Pair of fins weighs ~ 2.4 kg (Medium stiffness, foot size 43-44)

Soft blade – diver’s weight is up to 75 kg without equipment

Medium blade – diver’s weight is up to 100 kg without equipment

Hard blade – diver’s weight is more than 100 kg without equipment

Leaderfins come with a one-year full warranty for materials and craftsmanship.

Why not add Picasso Fin Savers to your order and never lose a fin in the white water by an ill-timed wave.
Also ensures all the energy is passed from the foot and transferred down the blade.

***If you’re planning to use 3-5mm socks then please choose the next size on the chart  below (one size bigger)***

*Due to manufacturing processes, Leaderfins blades may come scratched*

Leaderfins - how to measure feet

Leaderfins - size chart

For more information on the new Forza foot pocket here’s a video below!


Weight 3 kg

Material (fins)

Leaderfins Black Camo blades


Material (fins)


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Leaderfins Forza Black Foot Pockets with Assembly Kit


Fin Size (Euro)

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