Leaderfins Author Work for Non Superstitious bi-fins


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Technical specifications

  • Foot pockets come in three different variants – Forza black, Forza white, and long wings (see gallery pictures)
  • Comfortable rubber foot pockets
  • Fins dimensions with foot pockets size 43-44 ~ 95 cm long x 20 cm wide
  • Angle ~ 20 degrees
  • Rubber rails attached to the blade provide maximum efficiency in water flow redirection
  • Pair of fins weighs ~ 2.25 kg (Medium stiffness, foot size 43-44)
  • Long wings DON’T come in size 31-32 (please ignore option)

Why not add Picasso Fin Savers to your order and never lose a fin in the white water by an ill-timed wave.
Also ensures all the energy is passed from the foot and transferred down the blade.

Blades options

***Standard price of Β£178.99 is for the fibreglass variant – please tick box for either carbon fibre or pure carbon***

FIBREGLASS – Blade is made of high quality mixture of epoxy resin and fiberglass.

CARBON FIBRE – Carbon Fibre blade (Sandwich construction) – the blade consists of 2 carbon fiber layers (upper and lower) with fiberglass between them.

PURE CARBON – Blade is made of high quality mixture of epoxy resin and carbon fiber.

Stiffness (thickness) of the blade is achieved by addition of fiberglass layers between the top and bottom layers of carbon fiber.

Production time 7-14 working days. Delivery time 3-7 days (depending on the destination).

All our fins and blades come with a one-year full warranty for materials and craftsmanship.

***If you’re planning to use 3-5mm socks then please choose the next size on the chartΒ  below (one size bigger)***

These fins are special order and made to spec. As such they come with a longer lead time as shown above. Please bear this in mind when ordering. Due to this exchanges are tricky so please ensure you are happy with the size. Feel free to get in touch if you are unsure.

*Due to manufacturing processes, Leaderfins blades may come scratched*

Leaderfins how to measure feet

Leaderfins size chart



Ribs colour

Black, Blue, Red, White


Extra soft, Soft, Medium, Hard

Foot pockets variation

Forza black, Forza white, Long wings

Fin Size (Euro)

31/32, 33/34, 35/36, 37/38, 39/40, 41/42, 43/44, 45/46

Material (fins)