DiveR Hypetex Blue Blades


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We often hear the question, “What makes DiveR fins special?”

Firstly, our materials are nothing short of extraordinary. We’ve partnered exclusively with Textreme, a renowned producer of platinum-grade carbon used in cutting-edge applications like F1 race cars and high-performance aircraft. These lightweight and durable materials ensure that DiveR fins outlast and outperform others on the market. With proper maintenance, a pair of DiveR blades can accompany you for an incredible 6-12 years!

But it doesn’t stop there. Our fins boast a mesmerising fusion of art and functionality. DiveR takes pride in offering the most unique and exclusive fin designs available. Through our meticulously crafted process of material infusion and layering, we bring stunning imagery to life on every pair of fins we produce. When you dive with DiveR, you’re not just experiencing exceptional performance but also expressing your individuality.

Lastly, every DiveR blade is meticulously handmade right here in Australia. Our skilled craftsmen pour their passion and expertise into every fin they create. This attention to detail ensures that each DiveR fin delivers unmatched quality and precision, allowing you to dive with confidence and pride.

Choose DiveR for an unparalleled diving experience. Feel the difference, embrace the artistry, and dive into the extraordinary.

Why Material Matters

Dive fin material affects the transfer and utilisation of kinetic energy whilst kicking under the water. Stiffer materials transfer more kinetic energy directly into propulsion, resulting in powerful kicks. Flexible materials store and release kinetic energy through bending and rebounding, offering an energy-efficient kick. This material efficiency saves divers energy and therefore allows for longer submersion capabilities, below is a list from 1-4 in DiveR’s most powerful and kinetic fin fabrics.

  • #1 Innegra Carbon
  • #2 HypeTex Carbon
  • #3 Carbon Fibre
  • #4 Composite Fibre


HypeTex, developed by Hypetex, is an extraordinary material that has revolutionised the world of advanced composites. Its exceptional properties make it highly sought after in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, sports equipment, and luxury goods. One of its standout features is its remarkable strength-to-weight ratio.

Despite being incredibly lightweight, HypeTex exhibits outstanding strength and stiffness, making it an ideal choice for applications that require both durability and reduced weight. This unique characteristic allows for the creation of high-performance products that are not only strong but also significantly lighter than those made from traditional materials. Whether it’s aircraft components, automotive parts, or sporting equipment, HypeTex’s exceptional strength-to-weight ratio offers a significant advantage in terms of performance, fuel efficiency, and overall user experience.

Another notable property of HypeTex is its exceptional vibration dampening capabilities. The material is designed to effectively absorb and reduce vibrations, minimizing their transmission within structures. This makes HypeTex highly valuable in industries where vibration control is critical, such as aerospace and automotive. By reducing vibrations, HypeTex enhances the overall stability, comfort, and performance of products. It contributes to a smoother ride, improved handling, and increased precision, making it a preferred choice for applications where minimizing vibrations is crucial.

In summary, HypeTex’s exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and impressive vibration dampening capabilities have established it as a game-changer in the field of advanced composites. Its lightweight nature combined with remarkable strength makes it ideal for applications that demand durability without added weight. Additionally, its ability to absorb vibrations enhances stability and performance, making it a sought-after material in industries that require superior quality and performance.


– Divers under 85kg should choose (Soft Flex) unless diving strong currents.

– Divers 85kg+ should choose (Medium Flex) to maximise propulsion.

Quality we stand behind.

DiveR Australia has been hand crafting carbon fibre dive fins for the last 23 years. As a company we are confident in our ability to produce quality performing and durable dive fins.

If compliant with our warranty ‘Terms Of Service’ DiveR will happily provide a warranty on any product produce for up to 3 years post purchase.

  • 3 year warranty on all DiveR products

Tip: We recommend washing dive fins with fresh water after ocean or pool use. Store fins out of direct UV sunlight, preserve quality and fibre performance.



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