Rob Allen Heavy Duty Float Line per Meter


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Rob Allen heavy duty float line per meter

  • 1000lb breaking strain
  • Olive
  • Cut to length

This spearfishing line is traditionally used to connect your gun to your float so you can let go of your gun after you have shot a fish or if you run into difficulty.  You can then simply pull up your gun / fish from the surface.  This is a big safety factor for the UK and is normally in everyone’s spearfishing equipment kit list.

At 4mm thick it comes in olive green and has a breaking strain of over 1000lbs.  It is incredibly buoyant, UV treated and anti-abrasive.

If you are new to spearfishing you should probably start with a 10 or 15 meter length.  We generally recommend you have at least an extra 5 meters over your diving depth so the swell doesn’t tug on your gun when you’re bottom side.

You can also include a 9mm dyneema core bungee to cover more variable depths without having to use a really long float line which can be annoying.  Remember the idea is that your float is never too far behind you as it’s what keeps the boats away!