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Spearmaster Lobster Snare Auto


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Looking to improve your lobster game?

Simply place the snare behind your delicious crustacean, loop its body and then introduce him to your BBQ!

At 87cm this heavy-duty, metal bodied lobster snare is perfect length for poking around and manoeuvring into position.

What sets this unit apart is the spring-loaded snare meaning you can use it single handed.Β  Hold yourself in position with one hand, and once the snare is around the body, release the cable to auto close the loop!

Top-tip – avoid snaring the claws as your lobster will just eject them when it realises its caught.Β  Aim for the tail by passing the loop behind the lobster and snaring it from behind.

Remember they have poor eyesight but are very good with their feelers so avoid contact at all costs as it will tip them off to your cunning plan!

The only thing we’re not over the moon about with this product is small yellow knob at the end which can be a bit fragile.Β  This piece of plastic has no real purpose and does not affect the use of the snare if lost.Β  As such we have reflected this in the price.