Another trip into deepest darkest Cornwall…

Spearo/speara: Nick Collins

Location: Cornwall

Date: September

Equipment: Pathos Pro Ultimate Fins, Pathos Laser Carbon 90cm Speargun

Catch: 2 bass, mullet and pollack

Summed up... Quiet dive, good fish, bad pasties

Nick Collins Dive Report
Nick Collins's Dive Report


Another trip into deepest darkest Cornwall a few days ago.

4am alarm is a killer but got to be there first. Too far to travel then find someone else already there.

Some good fish about. I got my 2 bass quota with ease. I added a mullet and Pollack to the stringer too.

I used the Pathos 90 again today. I was hoping to find a bream. I did see some this time but to small. Both black bream and not the gilthead I wanted.

It was a very quiet dive, not another spearo in sight.

Fish on fins

On the way home last time I passed a farm shop advertising a well known brand of local pasties. I planned to stop off on the way home and pick one up. It was very posh for a farm shop. Staff in uniforms. I ask for a medium steak. Four and a half quid seemed a bit much for a pasty but a nice pasty is worth paying Emmet prices for.

I drove on a mile or to before I stopped to eat it. Well I was disappointed with this thing they called a pasty. The first bite said it all. The potatoes was brown, the meat hard and dry. This pasty started its life as a large steak, but been in the warming cabinet so long it was now a medium. I hate wasting food especially pasties but I couldn’t finish this one off. I would of rated a Ginsters over it any day. I will have to find a better pasty shop for my next venture down west!

Nick Collins