Pathos Ultimate Carbon Blade fins


Please note these are special order and we do not hold any stock.

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Please note that Pathos sell certain sizes for each colour:

Purple – 36/38
Green, brown, red and blue – 40/42, 42/44, 44/46
Black – 38/40, 40/42, 42/44, 44/46, 46/48, 48/50

Choose the right fins for you based on your weight. Our recommendations are:

Soft – under 75kg
Medium – 75-85kg
Firm – over 85kg

Carbon fibre fabric

The Pathos Ultimate Carbon Blades fins are made of 285-T4 and 285-T2 pure carbon fibre. This is the best choice of fabric to provide the perfect combination of high resistance and instant reaction.

The carbon fibre is used with high quality epoxy resin which provides stiffness, greater reliability and a much longer life. The 285-T4 4X4 carbon weaving style eliminates distortion, cracking and wrinkling of the blade. It also provides complete resin soaking, while the inner 285-T2 2X2 weaving insures rapid recall.


Every pair of Pathos Ultimate Carbon Blades fins are processed thermally for 36 hours and cures at 8 tons of pressure for 24 hours. The amazing process ensures the blades have a glossy surface that minimises water friction and also has a more reactive performance. The entire manufacturing process reduces carbon fabric and epoxy resin disposal.

Water rails

The Pathos carbon blades have outstanding performance during deep dives due to the side water rails. The elastic spoilers operate as guides which create a water channel. This prevents the fins to drift on the sides and requires a lot less energy.

Flap-shaped edge

Hours of rigorous and extreme testing have proven that the flap-shaped edge of the Pathos Ultimate Carbon Blade fins exceed the diver’s efforts. They also add an extra push at the end of the leg movement creating better efficiency. This amazing feature helps the diver to use less power when compared to previous concave shaped models.


The power created by the diver’s movement is diverted by the Ultimate blades all along their length. This is possible die to the carbon fabric’s internal arrangement. This unique design gives the Pathos Ultimate blades the ability of taking under pressure a double curved S-shape. This provides the very best flexibility, efficiency and functionality.

28 degree angle

The amazing performance of the blade is achieved by increasing the angle. This 28 degree angle is comfortable for every diver and it doesn’t matter what your fitness levels are and experience. The ultimate combination of both Pathos footpocket and Pathos Ultimate carbon blade provides an amazing result.

Why not add Picasso Fin Savers to your order and never lose a fin in the white water by an ill-timed wave.
Also ensures all the energy is passed from the foot and transferred down the blade.

Pathos footpockets

The goal behind the design of the Pathos footpocket is to guarantee high comfort and stability, and at the lowest weight.

The footpockets are made from pure latex which is vulcanised in a Pathos factory in Greece. They use specially designed rubber injection machines. The materials used are also environmentally friendly and Pathos only uses A class recycled and recyclable materials.

The famous Pathos footpocket is made with three different mixtures of pure latex:

  • Soft on the toes and heel
  • Medium on the side nerves – this allows the blade to move freely
  • Hard on the metatarsals and the bottom of the foot – this provides stability

Each Pathos footpocket is put through multiple checks and tests before shipping to every part of the globe.

Footpocket installation guide

The Pathos carbon blade can be easily installed and with very little effort. All it takes are a few drops of superglue.

*Due to the specialised nature they will arrive in approx 21-28 days. They can come glued but that means we will be unable to swap them if they don’t fit. Alternatively we can ship them separately and you can glue them yourself once you’re happy with the fit*

The footpockets are available in black, purple, military green, cernia brown, red and blue (see gallery pictures).

Technical specifications

Material I

Carbon fibre fabric 285-T4
Area weight: 285 g/m2
Weaving style: Twill 4X4
Tensile strength (MPa): 3530
Tensile modulus (GPa): 230
Elongation at break (%): 1.5

Material II

Carbon fibre fabric 285-T2
Area weight: 285 g / m2
Weaving style: Twill 2X2
Tensile strength (MPa): 3530
Tensile modulus (GPa): 230
Elongation at break (%): 1.5

Blade/Pathos footpocket

Length – 825mm/930mm
Width – 194mm
Angle – 28o
Water rail – Constant 15mm

Hardness variants (blades) – Soft, Medium, Hard
Footpockets – soft only


Footpocket colour



Soft, Medium, Firm

Fin Size (Euro)

36/38, 38/40, 40/42, 42/44, 44/46, 46/48, 48/50

Material (fins)