“Happy Bassmass” Competition

“Happy Bassmass” 2022- U.K.S.B. Competition

All Prizes have been taken

1st of March is the well known holiday of Bassmass, the first day of the Bass open Season! So we’re offering 3 prizes for the first 3 bass shot of 2022. Your location may be an advantage or disadvantage here as the bass tend to hit certain areas earlier than everywhere else, or if you’re in Scotland, then you may find a glimpse of the mystical beings at any point in the year.

What will I win?

You’ll receive for

  • 1st place a ยฃ50 voucher to spend with us here
  • 2nd place will land you a ยฃ30 voucher
  • and 3rd place will get you ยฃ15!

When does the comp start and end?

Bassmass starts on 1st of March 2022 and the comp will end when the first 3 bass are submitted!

What are the Rules?

  • Must be a member of U.K. Spearfishing Buddies
  • Upload your submission to U.K. Spearfishing Buddies, tag Spearfishing U.K.ย and use #happybassmass22 in your caption so we will be able to find it easier.
  • Sponsored divers and professionals aren’t permitted to enter
  • Your catch must be pictured AND dated, either using your phone or that days newspaper
  • You’ll need to be based in the U.K, Channel Islands & Northern Ireland included.

Advice to hunting Bass

Remember to check out our guide to hunting bass. Find it here

But for early season hunting, the bass will generally be quite slow and sleepy so early in the season, look through the kelp gullies and shallow string weed, especially on hot sunny days where they’ll be resting up warming up!

Our Team Diver Jules has some great footage of this style of hunting.

In contrast, the South East, where theres no kelp, the bass love a good rocky hole. When you’ve located one, slowly creep along the floor, trying not to spook them to get a perfect shot.

Kev Daly has some epic footage of this style of hunting.

We wish you a Happy Bassmass! Happy hunting and enjoy your dives.

We’ll post the pictures of the winners once they’ve been announced!

1st Bass

Goes to Rowan Harvey! 26/03/22

2nd Bass

To Peter Lojszczyk! 27/03/22

3rd Bass

goes to Paul Collas